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In-Vitro Fertilization
IVF( In  Vitro Fertilization) –In vitro is Latin for In Glass’. In this process the ovum are picked up from the mother (wife) by laparoscopy. Sperm from the father (husband) is also collected. The two are mixed together in a Petri dish. We wait for about 48 hours after which the ovum are usually fertilized into a single cell called the  zygote. The zygote undergoes a number of cell divisions (mitosis) and transforms into a blastocyst. Then 2-3 healthy blastocyst are transferred into the mother’s uterus. Since the process of fertilization takes place in the Petri dish and not in the Fallopian tube where it normally occurs, the procedure gets its name In Vitro Fertilization. IVF is usually performed on women who suffer form unilateral (one sided) or bilateral (two sided) tubal block.
IVF Process
CARe IVF has sophisticated Embrylogy Laboratory, operating rooms and recovery rooms to perform in In Vitro Fertilization and ICSI procedure. Other Reproductive conditions were treated in CARe IVF---
1. Hormone disorders
2. Evaluation & Treatment of premature Ovarian Failure(POF)
3. Tubal Recanalisation
4. Endometriosis
5. Recurrent pregnancy loss
6. Polycystic ovarian disease
7. Uterine Fibroid.
First frozen Embryo baby "SoHRAB" in Bangladesh was born in 2007 in CARe IVF. Our expert team comprised
1. Dr. Parveen Fatiam
ART Specialist & Gynecologist
2.Prof. M Moazzam Hossain

The Long dream of our inferlity team with Dr. Parveen Fatima, the team leader and the pioneer in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology & the implementer of the test tube babies of Bangladesh "HEERA, MONI, MUKTA" in the year 2001, the first ICSI baby "PERSA" in the year 2001 and the first frozen Embryo baby "SOHRAB" in 2007 is happy to announce the starting of an one stop inferlity services located at 2/1-A Iqbal Road, Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207. With the completion of the 11 stored hospital building having modern and sopisticated medical equipment the tertiary hospital has building has began its operation in 2008. With capacity of 150 beds CARe Hospital has replaced CARe IVF at Shyamoli and CARe Hospital at Lalmatia has shifted to its new building specifically constructed to provide one stop specialized care for infertile couples and equipped with the most advanced and latest equipment for assisted reproductive services and other health facilities and became a Centre of Excellence for Mother and Child.

The first IVF babies of Bangladesh, Heera, Moni, and Mukta, with their parents.
Being the pioneer in the field of Infertility treatment in Bangladesh it is only natural to assume that CARe Hospital is credited with the birth of the first IVF baby of Bangladesh. The first IVF babies of Bangladesh are a group of triplet sisters, Heera, Moni, and Mukta.